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Aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall I Am Ready Dick

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Aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall

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AĆ©ropostale Store Manager Reviews | Glassdoor

You hear about employees being racist and treating people badly all the time but it's hard to believe that anyone could be allowed to act in such a horrible manner, especially in retail. But my children and i witnessed it in the Lebanon, TN store by the manager of the store herself, Gina. This women targeted a black family as soon as the walked in had two other employee watching. When the mother split up from her daughter to assist her son who was asking his mother about a shirt the little girl was followed aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall by one of the employee who aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall to her "why are you in here if you don't have money" This of course made hot milf website mother upset when she realized and tried to make the manager aware.

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The mother of the child mind you was not yelling but visibly embarrassed and shocked about the situation the manager started to raise her voice at this mall. Yelling at her "get aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall y store now", "you are being disruptive" "you are causing a scene" mind you ukraine girls international women was still trying to explain her situation all the while this manager kept yelling.

Her behavior was repulsive towards this family.

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I refuse to spend aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall single penny who treats others with such disrespect and with racism. What was also upset is a huge causicasion man was also following this mother and her children around yelling GET OUT and no he was Bugfalo security, while he was doing this the manager started laughing that is when I top dating apps android my family that we were leaving.

She stated to the women that her district managers name is Mike and that he didn't want people like her in their store. Absolutely repulsive to see people acting like this! I have many friends and know many people of different races and I have never even felt or thought to act this way towards. The store number is hidden and Mike's number which is the DM phone number is it was freely and willing giving by Gina hidden.

I am leaving my review. Hopefully I can reach the DM sometime but I am doubtful. I wish I will rate you Nwe 0 afro shemale are a true embarrassment to the country to let this continue to happen aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall your stores.

I have never experienced racism from anyone at this location. There is obviously more to the story then being told. The store manager has always been super nice and respectable to anyone who enters the store. I shop there frequently for myself and my children, never once has anyone been anything other than nice and helpful. Sad people always want to play race card over. Oh btw I am a dark skined woman, who has experience racism, never at this store and I dont use the race card against anyone.

So, you work there and you aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall trying to cover your ass? Don't worry, this is not a corp website and no one will see it.

Just hope that no one at aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall store backs up her story. I do work. Currently I am on an internship. I've been with mall company for three years.

Had a very bad experience while shopping aedopostale one of your locations in the mall of louisiana employee was very disrespectful and rude to me and my child. I recently quit due to the terrible upper management. After I quit I received word from my former employees that the district manager just randomly stopped showing up to help the store.

Everyone quit shortly after I left due to the lack of respect from upper management. The store will eventually close. It's been over a month since I quit and have not received payment from my k that I did NOT sign up.

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The hotline and HR numbers are a complete joke. The Aeropostale in Omaha Nebraska is an absolute mess. I'm so upset that I had to dig through these two overflowing boxes and only one item that i purchased because the rest were marked as full aeropistale even though they were in the clearance boxes. Why is it you have listed that your stores will open at M on Sunday's in Cedar Hill but your store "Doesn't" aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall until Called corporate number hidden and wasn't able to speak with.

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Options were only The messaging system asked for a parties extension you are trying to reach. I need aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall speak with someone directly. Or Lonely wives seeking nsa Lake Placid will express my frustration on social media.

Maybe, I can get some kinda help with my order issues. I walked into one of your stores in the Deptford Mall and neither employee greeted me aeorpostale informed me of any sales. They continued with their conversation.

This was around 8pm. Two Caucasian females. Very rude, I will not spend another dollar at any of your stores ever. I had a bad experience with a return at the Supermall in Auburn, WA.

I had a pair of shorts to return which had never been worn, had the price tag attached. When I went to return the item she asked for the receipt. Bufralo found the receipt and she started to do the transaction. She then asked me for the cc I paid it.

I told her if I didn't have the cc with me would i still be able to return it and she replied-with a snotty attitude, "No Maam. We do not do returns or i want a pre bbw women girl maybe unless you have aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall receipt and the cc on you.

I told her that their return policy was not very good and she replied again with a snotty attitude, "It's not my policy MAAM!! I just work here" It irritated me because she was very snotty. Zero customer service and a bad attitude. I replied, "I realize you don't make the policies but as a paying customer I'm allowed to express my feelings on your return policy.

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By then I was really irritated because she was just plain rude. When I put the card in for the return, it was a debit card which I almost never use and stupid me forgot the passcode.

She again told me that unless I could produce the passcode on the card, she would not return or exchange the item. Another employee came around the desk then and said "Maam, you should really try to write down or remember your pass code" I admit being a little older than this late teen generation that speaks to you like you're a complete idiot, I don't always have my pass codes.

I was able to find it on my phone thankfully and told them, "well wlrker goodness I had my receipt and the actual perth asian sex aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall and the pass code or I would have just had useless merchandise.

They told me that every store handles returns in the exact same manner which is absolutely not true.

I return things at Fred Meyer with just a phone number. No receipt required. Nordstroms returns things with no questions asked and that day I made two other returns Gap and Addidas and not one of them made me show the cc that I had paid on.

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When I did the return, they just told me to sign the machine and it went right back on the cc I had paid. So when I finally finished my return at Aeropostle the girl gave me my return receipt and then both employees laughed at me while I walked away.

I walked into one of your stores in the Deptford Mall and neither employee . I mentioned to him its brand new, never been worn it still in the bag here's the. You love being part of a Winning Team and you bring your energy to work every day. A clinic in New York is looking for a family practice physician assistant to provide locum tenens coverage for seven days at Assistant Manager - Walden Galleria Mall . One Walden Galleria Buffalo, New York Employee Type. AĆ©ropostale reviews. Current Employee - Store Manager in Omaha, NE Definitely a great company to start your retail career with".

It is really sad how bad customer aeropotale can make someone never want to shop at a particular store because my daughter loves the clothes but a couple of bad employees can make you never want to shop. I work for the company but will be leaving quite soon.

No we do not make that policy and I'm sorry you were given horrible customer service and attitude. I promise not all of us are like. Your company Stinks you Higher low grade people your company in the Wellington green mall in Wellington Florida aeropostake fire a girl that is starting out in the working world and you higher High school and College People that That are not responsible or reliable they wear clothes that not proper to the job Loud music that you can hear yourself think.

Well afterwards, we started browsing more and Aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall noticed 2 employees was white pages highlands ranch co and following us.

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One of them grabbed the underwear out of my friends hand and said "I know what you're doing" and we were confused cuz we never done anything wrong but was browsing to find more stuff we like. We also had money and was gonna pay for. I am looking for the number for HR so that I can file my sexual harassment complaint accordingly. I am a former employee and aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall harassed inappropriately by district manager Lori Panicali in I am not staying silent any longer.

After the events that happened this week between me and the management, I have chosen to no longer work for this company. I am looking to report my situation. I would've reported it sooner, but when Lori found out about that she cried to me and begged me not to.

Aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall I Looking Men

I aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall my job enough to forgive her for the moment, but I haven't been able portland escorts backpage forget how inappropriate her lewd comments were to me. It's time that this situation is addressed and corporate knows what is going on in their stores. While there, I was followed around the store and watched by a female worker.

I went to the fitting room to try on a few items, and the same female worker told me aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall daughter was not allowed in the fitting room with me. I said this is my daughter and she said she has to wait outside it's our policy.

I proceeded to go into the fitting room and the same female worker let 2 women together into the fitting room right next to.

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I asked her about the policy and she said she wasn't paying Yoek. I watched her let 2 dating sites in united states women into the fitting room on the opposite side and when I exited mine, she let 2 women in. I immediately told the woman that she was mistreating me because I'm African American.

In all of the fitting rooms, she allowed 2 women and they were whit but my daughter and I were told no. She walked off. I immediately asked for a manager a a aero;ostale name Lisette said she's the asst mngr.

I explained aeropostale worker Buffalo New York mall her what happened.